We are acutely aware of our role as an integral part in a bigger system

- an ecosystem -

This is the driving force for doing what we do.


In an age where our society has long been seduced by throw away culture, we are delighted to deliver high quality, locally and ethically produced/sourced home goods, that will stand the test of time. The Linenry is piloting the change we hope to see on a larger scale.


With an ingrained understanding of what it means to actually be sustainable, The Linenry operates under four key principles of sustainable practice.

Our Four Key Principles

1. Transparency

We are open, honest and are committed to ensuring best practice and safe conditions every step of the way. It starts with our suppliers and manufacturers. We endeavour to thoroughly evaluate our suppliers and their processes, working conditions and treatment of staff before we engage their services. If you ever have any questions regarding our processes we encourage you to reach out. This ensures you have all the answers to the questions you might have and keeps us accountable to our promises.

2. Quality

The products that we offer are often handmade out of durable and natural materials. We are diligent with ensuring our selections will stand the test of time and wear and tear from regular use. Hand craftsmanship and smaller run ranges result in an outcome that is premium where no detail is left unattended to. If you shop with quality in mind you can keep money in your pocket and waste out of landfill. 


Our goods are strictly sourced and/or manufactured right here in Australia. Some of the many benefits to this pillar include supporting our fellow Australians and reducing our carbon footprint. This limits the need for long haul freight and aids our ability to make more considered decisions which reduces any excess waste.

From our fabrics to our packaging, we have made every effort to support our local Australian small businesses.


We consider the life cycle of our products in the design process. Using natural, pure materials like our Australian Cotton means that it will return to the very soil that it came from at the end of its life without causing any degradation. The Linenry offers services that can prolong the life of your goods. Knowing that appropriate care treatment of our products plays an important part in ensuring longevity, we are always open to answering any of your questions. You can learn more about care for your goods here.

Furthermore, if you have a product that may be close to its end of life and you want to explore options to give it a second life, we would love to connect with you. This is a great option if you want to reduce pressure on our natural environment and spark a very important conversation.