Some answers to our Frequently Asked Questions


Our Fabrics

What is Remnant Fabric?

Remnant Fabric is often offcuts, 'deadstock' or left overs from overproduction or discontinuation from production lines. It can be as little as one metre length that we can utilise and turn into a bespoke cushion for your home.

Where do you source your fabric?

We source our fabric from various local suppliers, mostly in Melbourne, Australia. Some of our fabrics are entirely Australian grown and made and some may be imported but we will always focus on utilising the supplies that already exist such as Remnants Fabrics. 


Shipping and Deliveries

Can I pick up my order?

Melbourne based residents are welcome to arrange a pick up of their order. We would love to help facilitate this. Email us at hello@thelinenry.com.au to discuss how we can make this happen.

Do you have a store?

We are currently solely based online. We understand shopping online can be tricky so please feel free to reach out if you need help making the right decision.

Why do you not include an insert?

Not only do we want to encourage you to reuse the inserts you might already have at home, we also want to minimise our carbon footprint. By not including an insert you save on shipping costs and create less waste with excess packaging.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship Australia wide. If you are an international customer, please get in touch so we can discuss.




Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! We offer wholesale pricing to other retailers, designers, stylists, hotels and other accomodation. Please get in touch with us at hello@thelinenry.com.au to chat.




How many cushions do I need?

This is a great question and it depends on multiple different factors. Get in touch with us by emailing hello@thelinenry.com.au and we would love to chat through this with you.

Where can I get an insert for my cushion/s?

While we do encourage you to re-use your existing inserts if you have any, we do understand that this might not not always be the case. 

Cushion inserts really can make a difference on the overall appearance of your cushions. 

We typically suggest feather down inserts for a natural plump, 'choppable' cushion. You can find these at many retailers including Adairs, IKEA and Spotlight. Just be sure to get the correct size.

If you're looking for a more ethical choice, you can find faux feather and polyester options at multiple retailers, both online and instore. We are always looking for better options and are excited to be working on a natural, ethical solution of our own for inserts!



What if an item is sold out?

Unfortunately if an item is sold out we can't guarantee we will be able to replenish it. While this is the beauty of bespoke design, we do understand that you might have had your eye on something before it sold out. Connect with us today and we can find a solution for you.